Things to know before applying

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Things to know before applying

Post by Boosche on Thu Nov 17, 2016 11:14 am

Cold Bëër Gaming is a late-night adult community of guys and gals transplanted from the (very low population) Perenolde-US server. The guild has cleared 7/7H, 3/3N content and has moved to Sargeras in search of high quality members to continue to farm heroic raids, mythic plus, and to expand into mythic raiding. The guild is generally laid-back and relaxed, focused on enjoyment of the game and its content.  However, so that we don't waste everyone's time, we are very serious when it comes to preparation for scheduled events. Flasks, food, correct talents, and being outside the instance are required 10 minutes prior to raid time. Guild perks include repair funds, supplied food buffs, voice chat and forum access, 5-man groups (for M+ and other content), and fun community.

Item level: 860 or Higher

Raid Times: 11pm-3am (Central Time Zone)

Days: Tuesday, Friday, Sunday

Attendance Requirements: 75% or greater. Event sign-up required. One week notice of absence required.  

Voice Chat: Microphone voice capabilities required for Discord and Curse (both are free clients)

*Voice chat and guild chat intended a for mature audience, profanity and vulgar language may occur.

Role and Class Needs:

Tank(s): [1]: Warrior, Death Knight, Druid, or Demon Hunter

Heal(ers): [2]: Druid, Priest, Monk, Shaman, Paladin

Ranged DPS: [3]: Mage, Warlock, Druid, Priest, or Hunter

Melee DPS: [2]: Rogue, Paladin, Warrior, Monk

*Looking for 300k+ sustained DPS / 250k+ sustained heals

Please copy and fill in the information under the 'applications' post to apply.

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